A great driving experience and great overall gift:

We have teamed up with an aerodrome near guildford (where they film Top Gear) and now offer off-road tuition, providing driving lessons for anybody (with or without a provisional licence) aged 15 years or over !!

This would make a superb gift for birthdays and celebrations, or just a fantastic surprise for somebody that would love to experience the thrill of learning to drive but are either not old enough or not confident enough to be on the road. This unique service finally gives 15-16 year old people the chance to legally familiarise themselves with driving, and become comfortable behind the wheel before hitting the roads at 17- what a headstart!!!

This is a superb opportunity to experience all of the normal driving procedures on this fantastic 3 mile very safe track without the distraction of other road users & hazards. It also has junctions / roundabouts / traffic lights etc, so very much like being on the main roads but without the added stress. An instructional classroom is available at a premium for general theory & hazard perception if requested.

 call us today on: 01784 248188 or 07734 110914